I write this mainly for myself and hoping to get some feedback. I suppose I also like the idea to make someone realise that anarchism is not about getting out on the street twice a year to fight a line of cops, but a way of seeing the world. Anarchists are in your libraries, reading your books and in your cinemas, kicking people who speak during the feature. I profoundly believe that someone cannot be an anarchist without reading and absorbing other ideas than anarchism. Marie Isidine quotes a Russian revolutionnary socialist who, when asked when he had stopped being a Marxist, answered: “When I started reading other things than Marx”. Too many people spend a lot of time and energy identifying with and promoting ideas which don’t, or no longer, represent what they believe simply because of conformism and because they hardly know anything else. This blog is written from an anarchist point of view, but the focus is not on specifically anarchist, or even political, stuff.

This is where I write articles. They are not finished products and I edit them until I cannot be bothered anymore and give them up. That’s why the newest ones are usually very short. Any advice or correction welcome.

Those are reviews of things, not articles about things that are happening, they only tangentially relate to the real world. You probably should be getting informed about resistance and repression around the world, the rise of fascism in Greece especially, but not exclusively. We are living in interesting times.

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