A review of Louise Michel

Louise Michel Trailer

Louise Michel is a dark comedy about women who try to kill their former boss after their factory was closed down. They hire an incompetent ‘hitman’ and start on a journey to find the individual ‘responsible’… It is a tale of trying to make the complex reality of globalisation into a simple system of personal accountability and Tarantino-style revenge (if Tarantino made his films in Picardie). This desperate attempt is mirrored by the readiness of terminally-ill patients in the movie to make their death ‘meaningful’.

Also a great scene with Benoit Poolevorde as a conspiracy theorist.

The film also reflects how genders are defined by work and capitalism.

I thought it would remind me of Costa-Gavras’s Le Couperet, but they are in many ways diametrically opposed. Louise Michel is a story of exultation in nonsensical murder, whereas Le Couperet is a tale of moral self-destruction in ‘rational’ murders of competing jobseekers.