Greece: Our descent into barbarism?

It is uncomfortable to write about movies and books (all revolutionary that they are) and avoid the elephant in the room. We were all angered by the attack on Freedom Bookshop, and repression in all states is rife (Belarus anarchists, U.S. Grand Jury, Pussy Riot, etc.). But are we seeing the rise of fascism in Greece? Police brutality, torture and murder of non-whites and politicos, Golden Dawn militias, bomb attacks and assaults on squats and community centres, now probably soon Blackwater mercenary company getting a juicy security contract from the Greek government… Capitalism collapses, but there is nothing to rejoice about what we can only hope are its death throes before better days. I’ll try to compile a list of links not especially of news, but of analyses of the situation. Suggestions welcome.

Okay the first link I want to add here has nothing to do with Greece, but is about Egypt and Tunisia, it is an attempt at analysis though, although I think it falls short on a few accounts (surprisingly enough):