Another happy post! Life Glug post

So, you know how I try to stay positive despie the past few translations about the French AF? Well, I just found out someone has already did something I had no time to do myself: a sound analysis of language in politics, and here is their blog:

You know how sectarian I sound when i say ‘blablabla, austerity is a terrible word, stop using it’? Well here is an excerpt from that blog much better put:

“To use or accept the word ‘austerity’ uncritically can lead to these associated inferences being activated and legitimised. Any argument against the principles of government public spending reduction will have to battle through those tacitly accepted implications. Construal effects by no means control our understanding – these frames can be rejected and dissected. But they do help to guide the public’s perception of complex political issues when they are not openly challenged.”

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