A Music Review! Les Madeleines – Paradiso Perduto


At first, I was curious, because Les Madeleines is a band I had until now only seen live, and their music is very much a music to dance to. Unsurprisingly, their last album, Dévore!, was a live album. They are of every fight, in favour of illegal immigrants, intermitents du spectacle, against the CPE, etc. and their mixture of agricultural rock, jazz and world music was very much the soundtrack to these movements. Here is a video from one of their gigs.

Their music is part of the best tradition of Anarchist music —that which mixes political tradition (in this CD a drum+voice rendition of Por alli viene Durutti, originally by Chicho Sanchez Ferlosio) to a love of music, travels, and joy, the good life worth fighting for. Sitting in my gray city flat, listening to these songs in 4 or 5 different languages and borrowing elements from many more local music genres, what I felt was not so much nostalgia for the places I have left behind as general Wanderlust. The words are truly touching, paint and introduce characters which you simply fall for. On top of that, they add, to concerns of revolution, songs about cats, which in my book is a great bonus.

Not only this music comes on a CD, but you have to order it by mail from Asso Va Moudre! Production, 18 carrer Sant Nazari, 66300 Tordères (France). 12 euro will get you 12 songs (45 minutes) and an illustrated booklet with the lyrics. They try their best to help develop popular music outside of the music industry (yes, some of them have ‘real’ jobs).


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